Find The Prof

Setting The

Moments ago, a few minutes before a much-anticipated press conference was due to start a certain Professor Powdensky disappeared. There have been no reports of him being sited since then.

Professor Powdensky has reportedly been credited for discovering a miracle medical product. Not much information is known about the eccentric Professor Powdensky, who has apparently challenged certain types of medicine in the past.

According to reliable sources, a diverse group of medical and scientific experts that have been testing the drug in a highly secretive project. A few of these scientists have, off the record, claimed to have never seen or heard of anything as powerful or effective as the ‘Powdensky drug’. The medical world is in turmoil as many fear their future.

The Powdensky drug’ could be the greatest invention of all time and potentially has the power to change the world as we know it.

Prof Prozefsky had indicated that he wants to make the product available free of charge, to anyone that can prove their lack of financial means.

A press conference was to be held earlier today that has created an unprecedented amount of interest.

Many multinational conglomerates have reported that they have  been trying to tout Prof Powdensky with  offers to facilitate the process, but one can not help but wonder what their respective motives are.

Join us for this mystery event to be held at various locations around the world to find Professor Powdensky, and prevent the miracle cure pill from possibly getting in the wrong hands.

An intriguing game suitable for all ages. A combination of professional actors, a sophisticated app and interesting locations will contribute to a great couple of hours of entertainment for the family, friends or work colleagues.

Limited spaces are available on this worldwide traveling event. Try and find Professor in a race against time in a classic battle of good versus evil.